1. Nation-building Liverpool-Norwich trains link cities, towns, regions and universities across the country, through Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Peterborough. A quarter of the passengers on this route are making journeys of 75 miles or more.

2. Recent improvements include

3. Our vision is of reliable, clean and comfortable trains with high levels of customer service, so we see a need for

High standards of customer service require constant commitment and encouragement from management, as do good stakeholder relations.

4. We welcome the provision of catering between Liverpool and Peterborough, which must be reliable to be commercially viable and would ideally justify extension to Ely.

5. Our vision is of accurate real-time information for passengers at all times, so we:

6. Our vision is of welcoming stations, where facilities meet or exceed all government targets for their size. The performance of station facility operators in providing mobility assistance, toilets, waiting rooms and retail advice at the specified times needs to be robustly monitored and challenged

7. There could now be a case for looking closely at the facilities which attract and support business travel. The 0715 Warrington Central to Norwich should start back from Liverpool on all Mondays to Saturdays. We should like to see more trains via Grantham travel between Nottingham and Norwich in a car-competitive 160 minutes or less. We welcome the fitting of USB power points to these trains and look forward to the eventual provision of wi-fi access.

Updated July 2016